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Bottle Calf

We are very happy to have green grass on the farm again! July and August were pretty brown months here. It was nice to go up to Geneva a few times a week to move the sheep grazing at the solar farms. Just 20 miles north there was plenty of rain and the grass grew nicely all summer.

Sheep grazing near solar panels

Here are the sheep before getting moved to fresh pasture. They are all paying close attention to the photographer.

Here are the sheep after getting moved. You can see they are much less interested in the photographer now, and more interested in exploring the fresh grass.

It is amazing to see the grass take off once we get rain. We didn't feed much hay while it was dry but we are feeding hay now to some of the cows to add fiber to their diet. Hopefully the good growing conditions continue into the fall.

This year we have a bottle calf who lives with the rest of the cows and calves in the herd. She gets fresh grass every day, but she still needs some extra milk. We feed her three liters of calf milk replacer two times a day. She learned to drink out of a bottle pretty quickly, and now she comes running across the field when she sees someone show up with her bottle.

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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