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Shuffling Sheep

The grass grew pretty well in September, but it is slowing down now that the days are getting shorter. The sheep have a good supply of grass to graze over the next few months.

October is a busy month for the sheep. In the next two weeks, all the lambs will be weaned and put into the barn to continue growing at a good rate. The sheep grazing at the solar farms will be brought home as well. Fifty of our best ewes will be sorted out and bred for lambing at the end of March. The rest will be bred at the end of November for lambing in late April.

Here are the rams resting up before breeding season. They share a paddock next to the house with Oscar, the bottle calf. They had access to the sheep barn all summer for water and shade, and so we could keep an eye on Oscar and be sure he was getting enough to eat.

The cows will continue grazing for another month or two. We also feed some hay through the fall to help the pasture last as long as possible.

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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