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Farm Products

We sell meat by the cut, raw honey, and pure maple syrup direct to our customers. All our meat products are frozen and vacuum sealed. Product availability may vary throughout the season.

100% Grassfed Beef & Lamb
Pasture Raised Pork & Chicken
Raised Without Antibiotics
No Added  Hormones
Top view Black Angus prime beef rib eye

We raise 100% grassfed beef that we sell by the cut. We occasionally sell quarters and halves.

Organic farm raw whole chicken in a pan.

We sell whole chickens that our neighbor Rodney Nickerson raises on pasture with organic feed.

Organic Raw Lamb Chops with Herbs and Sp
Lamb & Mutton

We produce 100% grassfed lamb and mutton, which we sell by the cut and as whole animals.

Maple syrup pouring on stack of pancakes
Maple Syrup

 For years, Malcolm & Drury MacKenzie have made maple syrup known for its great taste and quality. 


We offer pasture raised pork by the cut, raised by our friends at Homestead Hog Farm in Kanona, NY.


Mary Kate MacKenzie manages the apiary and produces raw honey in three seasonal varieties.

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