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Fall Grazing

After the dry summer the pastures took off with the rain we got in September and the grass has been growing really well this fall. We don’t have quite as much grass as we normally do this time of year, but the pastures have made a pretty good recovery.

We moved the lambs from the solar farms into the barn a bit early this year for finishing on baleage and beet & citrus pellets. It takes them a week or so to adjust, but once they do they grow really well.

Most of the lambs are still out on pasture and will stay there until the weather starts to get nasty. This flock is in one of the great picture spots on the farm. As you can see, the sheep pastures have tons of grass.

The cows have a month or so of decent grazing left before they will eat up all the grass. At that point, we will wean the calves and start feeding them hay or baleage.

Here are the yearlings waiting to be let into their new paddock. These guys are eating lush pasture and some nice spring cut baleage. They are very well fed at the moment!

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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