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Snowy Season

We are enjoying the wintry weather in Italy Valley. The snow and cold weather help protect our soil from the animals and tractor traffic during the non-growing season. Here are the ewes as I approach on the tractor carrying a bale of hay.

I always unroll a bit of the bale on the ground so all the sheep can fill up at once. The rest I put in a feeder. One bale lasts about a day depending on the weather.

This time of year we have three groups of cows. One group is the older mama cows on a maintenance diet. The next group is the bred heifers and heifer calves which are fed really well as they are growing. The last group is the finishing group and steer calves. They are fed the best quality feed so they get nice and fat. Here are the mama cows.

The lambs that were born last spring have grown really well this year. This one is quite a bit larger than the help.

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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