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May Calving

May is hands down the busiest month of the year. The cows are calving, the sheep are lambing, and the pastures need fertilizing and cutting for hay and a bunch of other things to get the grazing season going.

Here are some of the new calves. The herd is lounging in the shade as I set up their new paddock. When the paddock is ready, I open the gate and call the cows. I have used the same call every time for years now. I wouldn’t say they come running, but they do usually come when called if they know there is fresh grass waiting. Once I get the first few to come, the rest follow right along.

It is always exciting when a new calf arrives! They are all born outside on pasture. Most of them get up and begin to nurse within minutes. Sometimes we have a cow or a calf that has trouble figuring it out. In that case, we move the pair into the corral where we can safely catch the cow and help the calf learn how to nurse.

Thanks for reading, Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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