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May 2022

Well, April and May are hands down the busiest months on the farm. Half our cows have calved and half the ewes in the May lambing flock have lambed. Our goal, weather permitting, is to have all the animals out rotationally grazing by May first. The sheep are pretty easy, we load them in the trailer and haul them from the barn where they lambed to the pasture. We set up their fences and haul their water in the water wagon and they are good to go.

Beef cow with her calf on pasture

For the cows, which are always on pasture but stay in the same one or two fields all winter, we need to get the water systems going before they begin to graze. This involves filling up the storage tanks and turning the water system on. There are always a few leaks to find and repair before the cows have reliable water. Here are some of the new calves.

Beef calves on pasture

On a hot day, or even a not so hot day, the dogs love to jump in the water troughs for a drink and a dunk. I figure the cows are always like "arrr the water tastes like wet farm dog!" This is Gunny, our new border collie.

Border collie in water tank

Just a pretty picture of the yearlings in some fresh grass.

Yearling beef cattle on pasture

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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