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Maple Syruping

It seems like we have waited a long time for wintry weather to arrive. Now March is here and the snow is falling fast and heavy.

The cold nights and warm days over the past month have started the maple sap running. Collecting and boiling sap is hard work and the sugar house crew puts in some late nights in February and March. Fortunately, they tend to have lots of visitors to help carry firewood and keep spirits high around the evaporator.

Cold weather is good for the cows since it keeps the mud away. Winter feeding is extra fun now that the whole family can fit snugly inside the tractor. Sometimes the cows get impatient and start munching on the baleage bales before Leith finishes unwrapping them. It doesn't matter that they still have plenty of hay from the day before, they are always excited to see what is in the new bale.

The farm is a great place for XC skiing when we get enough snow. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the cows are entertaining us during our outdoor recreation, or whether we are entertaining them.

Thanks for reading, Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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