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February 2021

Things look a bit different on the farm than last month. There is a foot or more of snow everywhere that makes feeding animals and just about everything else take a bit longer than normal. I do like a bit of snow after the winter grazing season, which goes until mid January or so. The snow is really pretty and is good for the soil in the fields. It is good for the soil because it protects the soil from compaction, which is pretty common during the winter when the ground isn’t frozen.

The picture below is taken first thing in the morning from the deck on the house. This is a group of ewes is on their way to the water trough. The snow doesn’t look deep but the sheep have made a trail that is packed down. If they step a foot in either direction they are up to their bellies. That is why they are all single file.

Sheep walking through deep snow in a single file line

Here are the ewe lambs that we are keeping to add to the flock. They live in this green house where they get a little extra attention so they grow well and are ready for their first lambs in May.

Ewe lambs in the greenhouse

Here are some of the mamma cows at the water. The fence that runs over the water trough lets two different groups of cow drink from the same trough. Last night it was really cold so its always good to go out in the morning and make sure the water is not frozen.

Cows drinking from winter water trough

Here are some of the calves and bred heifers with their fresh bale of hay.

Calves and heifers walk through the snow to reach a fresh bale of hay

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie


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