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Fall Grazing

It has been a warm and relatively dry fall, which is always great weather for October and November.

At this point in the fall, the lambs have moved into the barn and the ewes are still grazing. The rams are out with the first group of ewes who are scheduled for lambing in March. They are grazing our best hay field, which has already been cut three times for hay. They get to harvest the fourth cutting themselves.

The cows are grazing down the last of their grass as they make one final rotation around the farm. Since grass growth has slowed, they cows are also eating 2 to 3 bales of hay every day. As we feed hay on pasture, we always try to put the hay where the land is less fertile to slowly build up the soil one bale at a time.

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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