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August 2020

Here is a quick farm tour from last night.

Here is the main sheep flock with their lambs grazing one of the fields I cut for hay. It was fertilized with lime and chicken manure right after the hay was baled. Even with the little rain we have had it has grown back very nicely.

Sheep flock grazing pasture grown back after harvesting hay

This is the view from the road of the yearlings at the new cow pasture.

Yearling cattle grazing in golden afternoon light

The main group of cows are in one of spots where they were fed over winter. It gets pretty trampled so I re seeded it with oats, rye grass and red clover. This is their first time grazing it since May.

Cows grazing in a recovering pasture

And least but not least, all the way from Kansas, the new bull Tim.

Tim, our new young bull from Kansas

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie


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