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September 2020

Not much going on at the farm these days, just petting cows and hoping it would rain.

The two cows in front are some of the friendly ones in the herd. 1815 the one on the right is very needy. When I come into the pasture she pretty much makes a bee line over to get scratched. 1903 on the left is from a very friendly cow family. Her mother, grandmother, sister, cousin and father all love a good scratch.

Beef cows looking for a scratch

It’s not uncommon to have two or three of the friendly cows all crowding around trying to get a scratch at once. Most of the cows don’t want any contact with me but they will let me get a few feet from them before they move off. Even the friendliest of cows is easy to spook though if I make any sudden or erratic movements.

Beef cows gathered together in the field

The sheep aren’t much for getting pet but I do have a few of them that really like it.

Flock of sheep grazing with one sheep walking toward the photographer

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie


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