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October 2020

The weather and the fall colors have been amazing here in Italy Valley over the last month. While a bit more rain to grow the grass would be nice, we are getting by. The yearling ewes and their lambs were moved to our main hay field for the fall. After the field has grown back from the second cutting the ewes were trucked down and will hopefully graze there until sometime in November or early December.

Even with the dry weather, the field grew back very nicely. As you can see the grass is up past the bellies of the ewes. The field was reseeded to a modern variety of orchardgrass along with white and red clover last spring. The new and improved varieties really are more productive as well as more nutritious than the wild orchardgrass that grows everywhere without seeding.

Sheep grazing lush pasture

Here are a few nice shots of all the yearling cows. This group is a mix of steers and bred heifers.

Yearling stockers and bred heifers grazing with fall foliage in the background

Due to the dry weather and the limited grass growth, we are feeding the cows hay to slow down our grazing rotation and give the grass a chance to grow back more before being grazed.

We are feeding hay and pasture to the mature cows

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie


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