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November 2020

Wow, what great weather we’ve been having! All the cows are still grazing but they are all getting either hay or baleage as a supplement. The ewes are still getting their full diet from the pasture but I have moved the lambs into the barn where they will finish on grass baleage and beet and citrus pellets. The ram was put into the main flock to start breeding for an April 1st start to lambing.

This picture is neat because if you look really close at the field in the distance through the trees you’ll see some black dots, those are the cows at the main farm. This group includes the yearling steers and heifers. At the main farm are the mature cows and their calves. In another week or so I’ll move this group back to the main farm.

Yearling steers and heifers lying down on pasture

Here is the field where the cows are, which you could see in the previous picture. Across the valley you can just make out the field the other picture was taken from.

Mature cows and bull standing in grassy field

Here are the lambs in the barn. The feeder is front is where they get their pellets twice a day. They also have a bale of baleage in the back.

Lambs in the barn

The ewes usually graze into January but this year due to the dry summer and fall I have not been able to grow as much stockpiled pasture for the ewes to eat. I think we’ll get in to mid December before we start feeding hay.

Sheep grazing pasture with fall foliage in the background

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie


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