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May 2021

Grazing is in full swing here on the farm and on a solar field about 20 miles away. This summer we are trying something new by grazing our sheep on two different solar fields. The operators of the solar fields hire sheep farmers to graze their flocks to control the vegetation that grows under and around the panels. It is quite hard to mow underneath but the sheep do a great job.

Sheep grazing between solar panels on a solar farm.

This picture was on Sunday when it was quite rainy and cold. The panels provide shelter from the rain and sun. There is lots of nice grass and clover at this solar field. We rotate the sheep around the site every 2 to 3 days instead of every day at the home farm. They will be here for a month or so and then on to the next site.

Tan colored beef cow smelling her baby calf.

Also new on the farm are lots of baby calves. Last year we artificially bred the cows. One of the results is a bunch of calves arrive in a short period because most of them get bred on the same day.

Beef cows and calves grazing on green pasture.

The calves get tagged with their number, their mother’s number, and their date of birth.

Beef cows and calves grazing on green pasture.

In case you haven't heard, our new farm store opened last Saturday. We hope to see you at the farm store soon!

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie


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