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Lambing Prep

Our first group of ewes is due to start lambing this Friday, so we are busy getting everything ready. The ewe lambs that were in the greenhouse just got moved outside, and the last batch of market lambs that were in the hoop barn took their place in the greenhouse. That frees up the hoop barn for the ewes and their new lambs. Having lots of space in the lambing barn is important because it helps the ewes keep track of their new lambs.

The ewe lambs were born last spring, and they are getting ready to have their first lambs in April. They are pretty happy outside where they can get more exercise. It is a bit of a trade off because we are trying to get them to grow fast so they are big enough to lamb successfully. When they stay outside in the elements with more space to run around they tend to not grow as quickly.

I almost forgot to mention the important job of cleaning all the bedding and manure out the hoop barn before welcoming the ewes back in. By this time of year, the bedding pack is one to two feet thick. It takes a few hours to clean out and pile up all the bedding with the tractor. We stack it in a windrow where it will compost over the summer before spreading it on our hay fields next fall.

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Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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