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July 2021

With timely rains the pastures have grown really well over the last month. After the trampling, clipping and hay cutting, the fields grow back green and lush and make high quality feed for the rest of the season. At this point in the summer, all the calves have been born and we are getting ready for breeding season, which is in a few weeks.

This is one of our more picturesque fields with a view of Italy Valley. It also happens to be right next to the bull pen. Bulls are notorious for jumping fences to get in with the cows for obvious reasons.

We’ve had good luck keeping the two groups separate with our three one-strand electric fences, and the fact that the bulls are too fat to be good jumpers. You can see the two outer fences but there is also one in the middle. This style fence is much more effective than going three strands high on the same posts.

These three cows in front are grandmother, her daughter, and her daughter's daughter. They are some of the best cows in the herd.

Thanks for reading,

Leith MacKenzie

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