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Fencing & Feeding

I’m sure everyone is enjoying the sunny weather! I’m taking advantage of the good weather to rebuild some of the fences I built 16 years ago. They were “temporary” but held up pretty well. The new fences should be good for another 20 years. Fencing projects are hard to get to when the lambing, calving, and haying season starts in the next few months.

As I’m sure I’ve said in a past newsletter, we sort the cows into three groups to try to most efficiently feed hay during the winter. The highest quality feed goes to the finishing and growing animals. The bred heifers and the growing heifers get the next best. The heifers are kept in a really nice protected pasture next to the house. Here they come to get their fresh bale of hay.

Here is the view from the barn. You can see the heifers across the road. The hay and baleage bales stored here are the ones that we buy. Depending on how much hay we make during the summer, we typically purchase about half the hay we feed in the winter from other local farms who deliver it to us. We take the bales from here out to feed the cows in the fields.

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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