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February 2022

The difference in the amount of grass or snow from one month to the next can be pretty shocking. Last month we had no snow and now we have 16 to 36 inches of snow in the fields. That much snow makes getting the tractor out in the hilly fields to feed animals pretty challenging. We had to invest in tire chains for the tractor which really makes a difference getting around.

Here are the mama cows waiting for me to drop them some hay.

This picture is over at the other farm where the calves and two-year-olds live. They have a fresh bale of alfalfa baleage and a fresh bale of sorghum baleage. They get the good stuff. All the dark areas are waste hay that I spread out for bedding. The bedding keeps them clean and dry which helps them stay warm during the cold weather.

After this picture my trusty point and shoot camera quit working so we won’t have any sheep pictures this month.

Thanks for reading,

Leith, Mary Kate & Norah MacKenzie


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